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Welding Jobs, Small Fabrications, and Powder Coating

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New services are coming soon!

Online Appointments

New services are coming soon!


Welding, Small Fabrications, and Powder Coating


Customer reviews coming soon.  Site under construction.

We Now Do Powder Coating!

We are super excited to announce our new Powder Coating Division.  Anything metal from knick knacks to guns parts to handcuffs. We do car parts/rims, motorcycle parts, airplane parts, boating materials, etc.  It's endless!


Customers have questions, we have answers....just ask.

About Us


With over 20 years of making precision welds in the Aerospace and Fabrication/Model Making Industries, our welds have passed the extreme challenges of with standing X-Ray examinations for both Deep Space and Deep Sea submersion.  And we are excited to announce our new Powder Coating division as well!  Rest assure our products hold up so you can get back on track with your projects or home needs.  You will leave our shop with the confidence in a lasting repair and/or coating that you deserve. 

Customer Service

We cater to each customer's specific welding jobs or powder coating needs.  B & C has the knowledge and experience that enables us to meet and exceed your standards.  We take pride in our work and welcome new challenges.  All our work is completed at our location in Crest Hill, IL. inside a clean and brightly lit spacious shop that ensures our work is done right!  

Satisfaction & Affordability

Three things we always hear when customers walk away after the job is done:


1).  "Wow that was fast!"

2).  "Wow that looks great!"

3).  "How much, that's it?" 

So shop around, do your homework, and call us.  You will be glad you did!


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We have a very flexible schedule that benefits ours customers by saving them time with less hassle. Check us out bandc17@yahoo.com

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